Secure holding

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Secure Holding operates as a real estate investment. It primarily invests in residential and commercial properties. The company was Founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Austin, TX.

Through real estate, Secure Holdings aims to create profitable investment opportunities for itself and its investors while revitalizing the communities in which it works. the founders of Secure Holdings have worked on residential rehab projects, land acquisitions and improvements, new construction, commercial property acquisitions, as well as assisting in the transition of ownership of distressed properties.

With each property that it touches, Secure Holdings hopes to aesthetically and financially improve the areas in which it is working. By creating attractive properties for sale or rent, and indirectly bringing more disposable income to areas in need, Secure Holdings helps to improve the morale of struggling neighborhoods.

Over the next several years, Secure Holding plans to expand beyond Texas into surrounding markets. Although the company will expand, its core focus will not change-creating mutually beneficial relationships amongst the communities in which its works and its loyal investors.